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Privilege Car Club

A Revolutionary New Concept That Allows You To Drive

Any New Car of YOUR Choice

For £50 Per Month*

+ £149 Joining Fee

(*Total payable on Sign Up = £199)

Privilege Car Club

Now Accepting Founder and Pre Launch Members


You Can Drive Any New Car Of Your Choice For £50 Per Month* +Joining Fee £149*

Drive any new car of your choice for £50 per month including Insurance (terms and conditions apply).

Giving everybody the opportunity to drive the car of their choice for life.

It’s money free motoring – All you need to do is put fuel in or charge up your car. Renewed every 2 Years after qualification.

This Is Now Possible with Privilege Car Club – Join The Revolution!

Are You Ready To Drive The Car Of Your Choice For Only £50 Per Month?*


Privilege Car Club

10% of all Profits Will Go To Charities Nominated By Qualified Members

Our Vision

Our vision is to give everyone the privilege of driving a brand new car of their choice every 2 years!

Andy Wall

CEO & Founder

Mission Statement

We are introducing a revolutionary concept that will enable anyone to drive a new car at a cost they can afford.

Our system is designed to change the way people drive, here in this country, as well as abroad.

We know that if you SAVE MONEY - YOU MAKE MONEY and we will cut the cost of motoring, as it is one of our biggest expenses. The cost of motoring is ever rising and next to housing it counts as the next biggest recurring outlay a family has!

Our Membership Only Crowd Funding Club is - a system that will reward you for referring others - the power of people working together for a common goal.

In our club we'll only get our cars when we help others to get their cars, with everyone helping and supporting each other.

Never underestimate the Power of People.

'Many Small Sums Add Up To Much'.

Privilege Car Club

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