Meet the team

Vision & Mission Statement

Our vision is to give everyone the privilege of driving a brand new car of their choice every 2 years!
Our mission is to change the way people drive around the world, making it more affordable, providing the privilege to the many, not just a few. Driving a car will be a lifestyle choice available to all.

Our Values

Our values are shown by the care and commitment we have for our members.
Privilege Car Club prides itself on equality and sharing, where no one is more equal than anyone else, as we know that together we will thrive.
Because we only drive new cars that are more eco-friendly, safer and economical,
Privilege Car Club cars will have a lower impact on the environment. We will be strongly encouraging the purchase of hybrid and electric cars!

Andy Wall CEO & Founder

Andy Wall is the Chief Executive Officer and is the driving force behind the company.

Maurice Brookes Director & Office Manager

Maurice Brookes is a Director and takes care of company administration.

Graham Paterson Financial Consultant

Graham Paterson is a Director & Financial Consultant

Nadia Lebbakh Director & Accounts Manager

Nadia Lebbakh is a Director of Privilege Car Club as well as being a business woman and mother.

Chris Buckley Chief Technical Officer

Chris Buckley is Chief Technical Officer.

Gurpreet Dhaliwal CMO & Business Development

Gurpreet Dhaliwal is the Chief Marketing Officer and Business Development