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Vision & Mission Statement

Our vision is to give everyone the privilege of driving a brand new car of their choice every 2 years!


We are introducing a revolutionary concept that will enable you to drive any new car you choose at a cost you can afford


Our Membership Only Crowd Funding Club uses a system that will reward you for sharing - as you work towards your common goal


Knowing that if you save money - you make money, our club will allow you to dramatically cut the cost of your motoring


In our club, we only get cars when we help other members get their cars - everyone helps and supports each other


It is a system designed to change the way you and I drive - it's for everyone all around the world


The cost of motoring is ever rising, and next to housing it is the second biggest recurring family outlay!

Never underestimate the Power of People. 'Many Small Sums Add Up To Much'.

Privilege Car Club
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Privilege Car Club will donate 10% of the profits to Charities and Good Causes!